Virtual Visits

We are pleased to now offer virtual visits with our doctors.

Telemedicine, or virtual medicine, is the delivery of healthcare services when the healthcare provider and patient are not in the same physical location through the use of technology.

We are happy to see you virtually!

To Set up a Virtual Visit with a physician, FOR NEW PATIENTS, please call 314-878-2788 to schedule your appointment, provide your insurance information, and get directed to the new patient forms.

For ESTABLISHED PATIENTS, you may also call 314-878-2788 to have our staff help set up your appointment. If your INSURANCE HAS CHANGED, please provide your new insurance information to our staff.

  1. You should receive an email from with the following instructions or…
  2. You may use the link provided to go to your appointment at the scheduled time:
    Dr. Kemp:
    Dr. Park:
    Dr. Berson:
  3. Arrive for your appointment remotely 5 minutes beforehand, read through the waiver (also accessible here), and have your credit card and insurance information on hand.

*Please note, you can do a virtual visit through your phone or computer, but you will want access to a camera and microphone.*

If you have technical difficulties, please call our office for assistance.

Please read the following information before starting your virtual visit:

By proceeding with this telemedicine visit, I as the patient or guardian (if patient is under 18 years), understand and acknowledge that:

-Telemedicine is the use of electronic information and communication technologies by a health care provider to deliver services to an individual when he/she is located at a different site than the provider.
-All laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of medical information also apply to telemedicine/phone consultations.
-There are potential risks to this technology, including (but not limited to) interruption, technical difficulties, and internet security breaches.The practice is not responsible for internet-related risks.
-I can withdraw or withhold my consent to the use of telemedicine in the course of my care at any time, without affecting my right to future care of treatment. I will revoke this consent orally or in writing at any time by contacting Allergy and Asthma Care of St. Louis.
-Certain procedures, including complete physical exam, allergy testing, lung function testing, cannot be performed via telemedicine.
-Financial responsibility: I and/or my insurance carrier(s) agree to pay, in a timely manner, for the health care services provided. I am responsible for the initial fee of $40 (similar to a copay) for return visits or $100 for new patient consultation at this time. If applicable, I will be reimbursed the appropriate amount after insurer payment.  I authorize payments directly to Allergy and Asthma Care of St. Louis for all benefits payable. I understand that private and government insurers may not include coverage for this service as a “Covered Service”. I further agree to pay the copay that will be requested at the time of my Telemedicine/Telehealth consultation. I understand that I am responsible for any unpaid bills not covered by Medicare, and any other private insurance company(s).

I hereby give informed consent to and authorize Allergy and Asthma Care of St. Louis to use telemedicine in the course of my, or my child’s diagnosis and treatment.

Thank you!


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