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Reminders When Coming to the Office

As COVID-19 numbers rise in our area, we hope we can all do our part to help contain the spread yet again. With that in mind, we would like to remind you of a few things.

-ALL OFFICES ARE OPEN for office visits, allergy testing, allergy shots (by appointment). Our doctors are also available by TELEMEDICINE if you prefer. We unfortunately cannot safely offer lung function tests at this time.
Please keep in mind these precautions are so that we can remain open, and keep you and our staff healthy.

If you are COMING INTO our offices, for shots or an appointment, PLEASE:
1) Wear a mask covering nose and mouth while in our offices
2) Come unaccompanied if an adult patient. For minor patients, 1 adult may come in as well. Please no siblings or extra family members.
3) Call from the parking lot upon your arrival so that we can be sure to allow for safe social distancing and to ask our screening questions4) Understand that if you do not pass the screening questions or cannot abide by these restrictions, we will ask you to reschedule so as to keep our patients and staff as healthy as possible.

1) You have had fever, respiratory symptoms, loss of smell/taste or other symptoms suspicious of COVID-19
2) You have been in close contact with a COVID+ person or someone who potentially could have COVID. Per CDC guidelines, you should stay home for 14 days after exposure to a +COVID-19 patient.
3) It has been less than 10 days since you tested positive for COVID-19 and less than 10 days since you have been symptom-free
4) You are awaiting the results of your own COVID-19 test
Please see below for the CDC’s current recommendations regarding when you can be around others if you had or are likely to have had COVID-19

Finally, please wear your masks, wash your hands, and socially distance. Be healthy and well!


We want to thank you for your cooperation and patience as we have collectively worked to stop the spread of coronavirus! As restrictions loosen across the state, we are hopeful that we continue to see some stabilization of this COVID-19 pandemic.

ALLERGY SHOTS at Ladue, Chesterfield, Progress West and Waterloo have been going well and we appreciate your cooperation with the new protocols!
We are continuing with a phased opening and are preparing to see you IN-PERSON in addition to our virtual or telemedicine visits. We will operate at a reduced schedule and our in-person visits will have a new format:

-We will first remotely discuss your questions, medications and health updates with you over the phone or via telemedicine. This can be on the day of your visit, from your home or even from your car in the parking lot prior to coming in.

-You would then come into the office for in-person physical exam and/or diagnostic testing. These measures are taken so that you can reduce overall time in our office and thus potential exposure for you and for our staff.

Telemedicine is still an option for visits. All patients with respiratory symptoms or other symptoms of illness will be seen only via telemedicine.

We are implementing other safety measures as well, including but not limited to:

– Spacing out allergy shots and office visits to help control the flow of patients and thus exposure

– Screening all patients prior to entering our offices as outlined in prior posts

– Having patients call from the parking lot before coming in so as to prevent unnecessary waiting time in our office

– Asking all patients to come unaccompanied into the office. If patient is a minor, one guardian can enter with the patient

– Requiring all patients and staff to wear masks at all times

– Staff have additional PPE and are regularly washing hands and implementing safe practices

– Using patient room as waiting area for our shot patients to prevent crowding in our waiting rooms

– Detailed disinfecting of our exam rooms between patients

If you had an appointment that was cancelled over the past few months, PLEASE CALL our offices at 314-878-2788 (Chesterfield) or 314-725-8844 (Ladue) to reschedule.

As restrictions loosen, it is very likely that there will be an increase in COVID-19 cases. For your health and safety, please be cautious and please wear a mask if you have to go out. Depending on the magnitude of that spike, we may have to change our schedule again. We will continue updates here.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person but want to do so safely and responsibly! Thank you!! Stay safe and healthy!

Allergy shots now open by appointment!

We have GREAT news! We are resuming ALLERGY SHOTS!!  We are open for injections beginning May 7 at our Chesterfield and Ladue locations. Shots will be given BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call our offices at 314-878-2788 (Chesterfield) or 314-725-8844 (Ladue) to schedule your injections. 

-South County will begin Friday May 8.

-Progress West will begin Thursday May 14.

-Waterloo will begin Monday May 18.

Please READ THROUGH THE FOLLOWING IN ENTIRETY as there are many adjustments and restrictions to our usual protocol that we feel are necessary so that we can provide allergy shots safely and responsibly.

ALL allergy shot patients are asked to:

  1. Take your temperature before coming in and please show a screenshot of your reading to our staff.
  2. Stay home if you have been ill, traveled domestically or internationally in the past month, or come into contact with anyone who has had or is suspected of having COVID-19.
  3. Wear a MASK covering nose and mouth throughout your stay in our office.
  4. Come unaccompanied. If your child is the allergy shot patient, one parent/guardian can accompany him/her. Please no additional family members.
  5. CALL FROM YOUR CAR once you have arrived in our parking lot. We will let you know if we are ready to have you come into the office. There may be a slight delay. Please be patient as we are diligently cleaning after each patient leaves and that may take more time than anticipated.
  6. Have your arm readily available for our staff to administer the injection. We would like to avoid any extraneous physical contact beyond administering the shot and will not be able to assist in rolling up sleeves. This is true for children as well.
  7. If you have asthma, bring your rescue inhaler with you (i.e. ProAir, Ventolin, etc.).
  8. Bring something to occupy your time for your wait after receiving your shot. All books and magazines have been removed from our office.
  9. Please note we will be giving injections at most on an every 2 week basis. Our wait times will remain 30 minutes for allergy shots, 60 minutes for venom, and up to 2 hours for Xolair.
  10. Please understand that our staff may refuse to give your injection if any of the above requirements are not met.

There are such unprecedented times and we know that we are asking for unprecedented things. Thank you for your understanding and helping us provide the best care for you, our staff and our community.

Your friends at Allergy and Asthma Care of St. Louis

COVID-19 Update

This is an unprecedented time. COVID-19 unfortunately has proven to be a true pandemic and we must do what we can to help minimize its effect on our health care system, economy and society in general.  After careful and difficult deliberation, we at Allergy and Asthma Care will be temporarily closed starting Friday, March 20 at 4:30 pm.

As the impact and breadth of COVID-19 changes daily, so will our response.  Our plan beginning Saturday, March 21 (subject to change and will be updated on this account) is to be available to provide care for you in as safe a way as possible, detailed as follows:
-Phones will be answered by minimal staff from 9 am-3 pm Monday through Friday.

-No patients will be seen in the office.

-Drs. Berson, Kemp and Park will be available for telemedicine appointments (more information to come). 

-Allergy shots are suspended until further notice. Patients on Xolair, Nucala, Dupixent or other biologics, please call the office to determine care. 

We are in unchartered territory and ask for patience as we navigate a new way of practicing medicine. There may be wait times when you call, and there may be modifications of this plan as circumstances change. Please trust that we are committed to resuming our regular face-to-face personal way of caring for you and your family as soon as we can. This was an incredibly difficult decision for us but we truly believe that it is the right one for helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and for keeping us all safe!

As always, thank you for your understanding and trust. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, avoid unnecessary social interaction, and BE SAFE.

With gratitude, Drs. Berson, Kemp, Park and everyone at Allergy and Asthma Care of St. Louis 

Allergy and Asthma Care of St. Louis, with offices in both St. Louis and Chesterfield, has been dedicated to providing the most up-to-date treatment for adult and pediatric patients with allergy, asthma, or immunologic disorders since 1987. We offer world-class expertise and the highest standards in diagnostic testing and treatment for allergy, asthma and immunology.

In February 2015, Allergy and Asthma Care of St. Louis merged with Dr. Douglas Berson.  With his arrival, we have added additional office locations as well as expanded injection hours. We can now provide even more accessibility to accommodate your full treatment needs.

Our four physicians are board-certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and together have over 80 years of practice experience to offer our patients. We hope you find this website informative. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you in person!