We want to thank you for your cooperation and patience as we have collectively worked to stop the spread of coronavirus! As restrictions loosen across the state, we are hopeful that we continue to see some stabilization of this COVID-19 pandemic.

ALLERGY SHOTS at Ladue, Chesterfield, Progress West and Waterloo have been going well and we appreciate your cooperation with the new protocols!
We are continuing with a phased opening and are preparing to see you IN-PERSON in addition to our virtual or telemedicine visits. We will operate at a reduced schedule and our in-person visits will have a new format:

-We will first remotely discuss your questions, medications and health updates with you over the phone or via telemedicine. This can be on the day of your visit, from your home or even from your car in the parking lot prior to coming in.

-You would then come into the office for in-person physical exam and/or diagnostic testing. These measures are taken so that you can reduce overall time in our office and thus potential exposure for you and for our staff.

Telemedicine is still an option for visits. All patients with respiratory symptoms or other symptoms of illness will be seen only via telemedicine.

We are implementing other safety measures as well, including but not limited to:

– Spacing out allergy shots and office visits to help control the flow of patients and thus exposure

– Screening all patients prior to entering our offices as outlined in prior posts

– Having patients call from the parking lot before coming in so as to prevent unnecessary waiting time in our office

– Asking all patients to come unaccompanied into the office. If patient is a minor, one guardian can enter with the patient

– Requiring all patients and staff to wear masks at all times

– Staff have additional PPE and are regularly washing hands and implementing safe practices

– Using patient room as waiting area for our shot patients to prevent crowding in our waiting rooms

– Detailed disinfecting of our exam rooms between patients

If you had an appointment that was cancelled over the past few months, PLEASE CALL our offices at 314-878-2788 (Chesterfield) or 314-725-8844 (Ladue) to reschedule.

As restrictions loosen, it is very likely that there will be an increase in COVID-19 cases. For your health and safety, please be cautious and please wear a mask if you have to go out. Depending on the magnitude of that spike, we may have to change our schedule again. We will continue updates here.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person but want to do so safely and responsibly! Thank you!! Stay safe and healthy!

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